ContractorCheck Certification

At Peregrine General Pest Control, we have earned the distinguished ContractorCheck seal of approval. ContractorCheck is a health and safety compliance company, committed to ensuring that workplaces are safe for workers and clients alike. This means that you and your family can have confidence in Peregrine to uphold the highest standards of health and safety.

ContractorCheck accreditation follows a strict process whereby contractors are assessed in proper health and safety procedures. ContractorCheck verifies that all aspects of training have been completed by employees in fields such as fall protection, respirator protection and ladder safety. In addition, ContractorCheck members are compliant with all policies pertaining to general liability insurance and WCB.

What it
to be

  • Verified Safe
  • Fully Trained in Risk Mitigation
  • Vigilant Oversight of Safety Practices
  • Thorough and Accessible Documentation
  • Client Confidence