House Mouse

The house mouse and the deer mouse are the two most common mice found in Southern Alberta. Mice enter buildings causing destruction in many ways. They can scurry up rough vertical walls and even pipes. They gnaw holes in walls, floors, and baseboards. Mice are known to chew electrical wire. Their droppings contaminate surfaces, and they get into kitchens contaminating and destroying food.  A small infestation can get out of control very quickly.

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Deer Mouse

Mice in Calgary can cause a good deal of gnawing damage to food, clothing, walls, boxes, books and electrical wiring. These items can also become contaminated with their droppings and urine, and often have to be thrown away. Deer mice are also known to be carriers of ‘hanta virus’. Mice are carriers of disease. Some diseases like the hanta virus are spread by contact with the urine and droppings, and breathing dust raised during the cleanup of droppings can cause serious illnesses.

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Every spring when the snow melts the damage from voles is found on residential properties. Voles make burrows along the edging of the lawn and garden beds, side walks, and drive ways. Voles are commonly mistaken for other small animals. Voles thrive on small plants yet, like shrews, they will eat dead animals and, like mice or rats, they can live on almost any nut or fruit. Additionally, voles will target plants more than most other small animals, making their presence evident. Voles will readily girdle small trees and ground cover much like a porcupine This girdling can easily kill young plants and is not healthy for trees or other shrubs.

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