QualityPro Certification

Peregrine Pest Control is proud to be QualityPro Certified and a member of QualityPro’s prestigious accreditation list. QualityPro is the only recognized and accepted accreditation organization dealing solely in the Pest Management Service industry. Certification granted by QualityPro is the gold standard of the most professional, responsive and responsible companies in the industry, among which Peregrine Pest Control is honoured to be counted.

QualityPro sets a convention of unrivaled quality by providing standardized education, training and certification to pest control companies and their employees. QualityPro standards are continually monitored, and altered as needed, in order to ensure that they are as up-to-the-minute as possible. These common-sense industry standards are exceptional across the board, and only companies with a QualityPro accreditation are considered top-tier pest control experts.

Peregrine Pest Control always guarantees adherence to QualityPro’s rigorous and contemporary requirements.

What it
to be

  • Diverse training in all aspects of the job — from pest control to customer service
  • Expertise in employment application, interview and hiring best practices
  • Always up-to-date certification and education
  • Professional presentation and high-quality service in a drug-free workplace
  • Thorough motor vehicle history and criminal background checks
  • The highest standard in on-the-job safety practices, including safe pesticide handling
  • Environmentally-friendly use of products and equipment
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage and company vehicle maintenance
  • Guaranteed consumer protection and confidence