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Too many pigeons perching on your business sign? Or perhaps they like to gather above the doorway to your store and leave their droppings on your clients? Pigeons are one of the worst of urban pests. In fact, they are comparable to rats. They exist in large numbers in urban environments, can cause extensive structural damage and offer serious health risks unless dealt with effectively.


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Feral pigeons are responsible for untold millions of dollars of damage each year in urban areas. The uric acid in their feces is highly corrosive. Debris from roosting flocks can build up, backing up gutters and drains causing damage to roofs and other structures. Extensive damage to air conditioning units and other roof top machinery is common place. There are also other economic costs that can be associated from pigeon’s taking up residence; such as slip and falls, liability issues, projection of an unclean premise dirty company image. In addition physical damage the bacteria, fungal agents and ectoparasites found in pigeon droppings sometimes represent a health risk.

When deciding on how to solve a pigeon issue two areas are looked at, perching issues and harbourage areas. Perching points tend to be gutters and roof top peaks. Harbourage areas are usually tight corners on roof tops where upper and lower roof lines meet and in gaps or holes in the roof line. As a general rule it is best to focus on removing the harbourage areas. Once the harbourage areas are removed the pigeons typically move on within a few weeks. When clients decide to solve perching issues it is usually when pigeons are perching above a doorway to a store or on top of a sign for a business.

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The rock dove or rock pigeon is a member of the bird family Columbidae. This bird is often simply referred to as the “pigeon”. The species includes the domestic pigeon and escaped domestic pigeons have given rise to feral populations around the world.

Wild rock doves are pale grey with two black bars on each wing, while domestic and feral pigeons are very variable in colour and pattern. There are few visible differences between males and females. The species is generally monogamous, with two squabs (young) per brood. Both parents care for the young for a time.

Several traits have allowed them to dominate the urban landscape. Because of their history, pigeons are not afraid of people; they roost and nest readily in man-made structures and they have a diverse diet. The average life span is three (3) to four (4) years in the wild.


If you feel there are too many pigeons in and around your property Peregrine experts can help you to get to grips with the problem. We usually start by concentrating on eliminating perching and harbourage areas – usually those tight corners on roof tops where upper and lower roof lines meet, as well as gaps or holes in the roof line. Once the harbourage and perching areas are removed the pigeons typically move on within a few weeks.


Overall, it is fair to say that effective pigeon control is a complex process and is probably best handled by experienced professionals such as the technicians we employ at Peregrine.

Thanks for the great job!

We installed solar panels on our roof and found that it did not take long for pigeons to be attracted to the roof. We had not had a problem previously so it was related to the solar panels. We had Peregrine look at the panels and make recommendations. We decided to have a barrier installed along the edge of the panels. This was done efficiently and per the quote. The barriers are like the spikes installed under bridges to prevent birds from roosting on beams and supports. The barriers have eliminated the problem with birds. Thanks for the great job!

Randal HarrisCalgary
Very efficient, professional, and good workmanship.

Peregrine General Pest Control was referred to us by someone who had used their service for a problem with mice. We hired them to deal with pigeons at a condo complex with 18 units, and they did the job well. Also, their price was half of what we got from another company.
Nick responded to us very quickly and had the work done in a timely manner. The roof of the condominium is very steep, so it required quite an effort to even climb up there. Nick told us to call him right away if there were any problems down the road, and he would take care of it.
We have had no sightings of pigeons or droppings since the job was completed. I would highly recommend Peregrine General Pest Control.
Board of Directors
Highwood Green Condo

Sonja R.Calgary
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