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At Peregrine, we offer a variety of bird and wildlife removal services. Our focus is on removing the critter(s) in a timely and professional manner. Many of our services focus on capture and release, passive deterrence, and environmental modifications. The first step with all wildlife removal programs is to confirm what type of wildlife is bothering you. At Peregrine, our pest control service technicians use the latest wildlife inspection tools — pest cams, thermal cameras, and snake cameras assist in identifying problematic wildlife. Contact your pest control service technician for safe and effective wildlife removal solutions today.


Skunks: Typically, skunk dens can be found under front steps, sheds, porches, and decks. Live traps placed by the den entrance allow for the skunk(s) to be captured alive and relocated as required. In the summer months, a skunk is typically caught in less than one week. In the dead of winter, skunks typically semi-hibernate for a period of about six weeks. Therefore, how long it will take to capture a skunk can be unpredictable in the winter months. Our approach is a passive approach when capturing live animals. This reduces the stress for the animal and allows a better opportunity of successful relocation.

Squirrels: Many times, squirrels gain access to the roof line of homes and various structures. A common complaint is usually about one or two squirrels. The key to a successful solution is to capture as many squirrels as possible on the exterior of the property, taking the pressure off the structure. Once all the squirrels have been caught, the access points can be sealed.

Pocket Gophers: A single pocket gopher can destroy your garden in a very short time. Pocket gophers will burrow beneath garden beds, plants and other shrubs, trees and vines, feeding on the roots as they dig. The home owner, wondering what has happened to their lawn, will see mounds of soil the pocket gophers leave behind after an active night of foraging.

Raccoons: Raccoons can live in a wide range of habitats. They require, to survive, only a source of water, food, and a protected area for denning. The habitats best suited for raccoons are hardwood swamps, floodplain forests, fresh and saltwater marshes, and both cultivated and abandoned farmland. A raccoon’s home-range size in urban areas is about 3 to 40 hectares. Raccoons feed off fruit and insects in gardens, off leftovers in municipal waste and off other easily available food sources. In urban zones, a large number of sleeping areas exist, such as in hollows in old garden trees, cottages, garages, abandoned houses, and attics. The raccoon is also a strong swimmer, but only when forced to swim. It is known more for its climbing abilities. It is capable of making a variety of sounds, including whistling, shrieking, chattering, clicking its teeth, snarling and growling.


Skunks: Most skunks are black and white, but they can also be brown or grey. Skunks can have one or two stripes, or white spots and broken stripes across their back and tail. Skunks have excellent senses of smell and hearing, but their eyesight is extremely poor. They cannot see much beyond 10 feet, which is why they are often run over by passing vehicles. The lifespan of a skunk is approximately three years. Skunks produce their offensive scent in two anal glands which they fire off in defence as a last resort when their threatening dance of hissing, foot stamping and tail raising has not had the desired effect.

Squirrels: Tree squirrels include over a hundred species that are found on all continents except Antarctica and Australia. Tree squirrels live mostly among trees, as opposed to other squirrels that live in burrows in the ground or between rocks.

Pocket Gophers: Pocket gophers weigh around half a pound. They are about 6–8 inches long in body length, with a tail that is 1–2 inches long. A few species reach weights approaching 1 kg. Within any species, the males are larger than the females and can be nearly double their weight. A pocket gophers lifespan is normally one to three years. The maximum life span for a pocket gopher is approximately five years. Most gophers have brown fur that often closely matches the color of the soil in which they live. Their most characteristic features are their large cheek pouches, from which the word “pocket” in their name is derived. These pouches are fur-lined and can be turned inside out. They extend from the side of the mouth well back onto the shoulders. They have small eyes and a short, hairy tail, which they use to feel around tunnels when they walk backwards.

Raccoons: The raccoon is about 2 – 3 feet long and weighs approximately 10 to 30 pounds. It is distinctively marked, with a prominent black ‘mask’ over the eyes and a heavily furred, ringed tail. The animal is a grizzled salt-and-pepper gray and black, although some individuals are strongly washed with yellow. Raccoons from the prairie areas are paler in color than those from eastern portions of the region. Captive raccoons have been known to live for more than 20 years. Raccoons life expectancy in the wild is about 1.8 to 3.1 years, depending on the local conditions in terms of traffic volume, hunting, and weather severity. With the harsh winters in Calgary, one would expect the life expectancy to be on the lower end.


One of the first steps with any wildlife removal program is to take the time to confirm which pest is bothering you. At Peregrine, we have a variety of tools such as thermal cameras, snake cameras, and pest cameras to help identify animals in wall voids, roof voids, and under steps, etc. Once we have confirmed that there is a wildlife problem, the two most common wildlife removal methods include the use of one-way doors and live trapping. Once the wildlife has been removed from the structure, the entrance point(s) can be repaired, and remediation can be done on any latrines that the wildlife may have created. The wildlife removal programs we use at Peregrine focus on passive deterrence, exclusion systems, and live trapping. Ask to your pest control service technician about the best solution for your structure.


If I hear noises in my attic, what could it be?

Always remember the knock test. Knock on the wall where you are hearing the noise. If the noise stops, then reoccurs in the same general area within a couple of minutes, then it is probably mice due to a freeze response. Larger wildlife tends to have a flight response and will flee disturbance.

Do you guarantee your work?

We stand behind all our work. Should any problems arise within 12 months of the job, we will return for no extra charge, completely hassle-free.

Quick service and follow through, ridding my acreage of pocket gophers.

Peregrine General Pest Control has been keeping my place as pocket-gopher free as possible.
They are courteous, quick to respond to your needs, and thorough.
I would heartily recommend them.

Frances H.Calgary
Fantastic response time, professional and helpful.

We were on holidays only to come home to a skunk who had been hibernating under our patio. I contacted Nick with Peregrine pest control and within hours (on a statutory holiday) he contacted us back. He gave us the pricing over the phone and made arrangements so we could be home to learn to set the traps. Within 8 hours we caught a HUGE skunk in the trap. He picked it up immediately and dispersed of it. Thank you!!

Lisa D.Calgary
Happy Customer

Called Peregrine Pest Control regarding a gopher issue, and was so impressed with their service that I then hired them for my ant problem, a problem I had tried, unsuccessfully, to deal with myself over the years. Their work is very thorough and since the spraying (2 months ago) my yard is still ant-free (and gopher-free 🙂 ). I honestly didn’t think that could be possible. I definitely would use their service again – if needed.

Happy CustomerCalgary

So far, service has been exceptional. They have set multiple traps for the pocket gophers that decided to make our yard their next home. Service is prompt, reliable and friendly. They take the time to explain things to you which appears to be rare these days. I highly recommend them.

Christy NelsonCalgary
2 skunks caught within 12 hours!

Nick did a great job preparing me for what to expect and to be patient with the results…but I didn’t have to be! Within 2 hours both skunks were in the traps and gone!

Rosanna T.Calgary
Huge help

Had voles last year and a pocket gopher that moved in due to expanding suburbia. Called many for quotes but Marilyn was the first and only one to take the time to help me figure out what the problem really was and how to deal with it. Chuck came out and helped me understand how the critters live and how to prevent their return… Huge help as i was stressed about my plants,kids and using traps around kids. in case next year my garden looks better than the mud hill behind me, I will call them again if I have problems but I’m sure that with such thorough work from chuck, we will be fine. Thanks guys!

Lori R.Calgary
Friendly and knowledgeabe

Had a very friendly and knowledgable technician visit to help with our gopher problem. The applications seems to have worked quite well after watching population diminish greatly within a week or so. Also super friendly telephone service while booking, and follow up call was also appreciated. Peregrine (Charles) was out a day after I called…Would definitely recommend.

Ryan McGrathCalgary

Huge thank you to Marilyn who answered my panicked phone call regarding sqiuirels and bugs. Marilyn was very empathetic and a much needed calming force for me. She was very professional and able to ensure Nick came the next day to help resolve my “issues”.

Jill B.Calgary
Excellent Service and Results

These guys were great! Took care of our skunk problem quickly and efficiently. All the staff was very friendly.
Recommend them to anyone!

Dinah C.Calgary
Went the extra mile

Thanks to the team at Peregrine for their great service – we fixed our squirrel problem in a matter of days. Went the extra mile for us and was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and professional.

I’d highly recommend this company to anyone and will definitely use them again if I ever need to.

Amy WallnerCalgary
Very helpful

Nick was very helpful in helping us get rid of our squirrel problem. I have used other exterminators for this problem and never had any success. The traps worked great and now, touch wood, we are squirrel free for the first time in years!

Liz L.Calgary
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