At Peregrine we offer a variety of bird removal services. Our focus is on removing magpies, sparrows, woodpeckers, and flickers in a timely and professional manner. Many of our services focus on capture and release, passive deterrence, and environmental modifications. The first step with all bird removal programs is to confirm what type of bird is bothering you. At Peregrine, our pest control service technicians use the latest bird inspection tools — pest cams, thermal cameras, and snake cameras assist in identifying problematic wildlife. Contact your pest control service technician for the safe, right bird removal solution today.

Professional Bird Exterminator – Calgary – Bird Treatment Service
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All our bird treatment technicians are licensed applicators in the province of Alberta.
Peregrine Pest Control is Quality Pro Certified and ISN Certified.
*Our Calgary bird removal team has 60+ years of combined experience
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Magpies: Are black and white in colour, extremely smart, and are part of the crow family. Magpies are a cheeky bird that will take advantage of pet food left outside, loose garbage, and they can be a general nuisance for home owners. Magpies are opportunistic feeders; Their diet consists mainly of insects, seeds and carrion. They occasionally prey on other birds and their nests, but this is only a minor part of the magpie’s diet. Interestingly, the large nests of magpies require about six weeks for construction.

Sparrows: Many species of sparrow’s nest on buildings. In residential areas, sparrows make nests in vents, and fixtures on the exterior roof line of structures. Sparrows are found in large numbers in the city of Calgary, and hence are amongst the most familiar of all wild birds. Sparrows are primarily seed-eaters, but also eat small insects.

Woodpeckers: Mostly forage for insects on the trunks and branches of trees. Famously, woodpeckers are known for communicating by drumming with their beak, producing a reverberatory sound that can be heard at some distance. A woodpecker’s diet consists of fruits, bird eggs, small animals, and tree sap. Woodpeckers mostly nest and roost in holes that they excavate in tree trunks, and their abandoned holes are of importance to other cavity-nesting birds. In Calgary, woodpeckers are well-known for making holes in buildings and feeding on fruit crops.

Flickers: Spend a significant amount of their time on the ground eating ants. In an urban area like Calgary, they are found on the sides of homes, primarily making holes in stucco. The northern flicker is the most common species found in central Alberta. Flickers typically have colorful markings on their head.


Magpies: The black and white Eurasian magpie is widely considered one of the most intelligent animals in the world. It is one of the only non-mammal species able to recognize itself in a mirror test. It has a wingspan of approximately 55cm and its weight varies from 150gm-270gm.

Sparrows: Generally, sparrows are a small, plump, brown and grey bird with short tails and stubby, powerful beaks. The differences between sparrow species can be subtle. Sparrows range in size from 11-18 centimetres. Their weight varies from 13gms-42gms. Sparrows are physically similar to other seed-eating birds, such as finches, but have a vestigial dorsal outer primary feather and an extra bone in the tongue.

Woodpeckers: There are about 180 species of woodpeckers worldwide. Woodpeckers inhabit nearly every region, except Australia and New Guinea. Woodpeckers are most abundant in South America and Southeast Asia. Most woodpeckers stay year-round, but a few temperate-zone species (such as the North American yellow-bellied sapsucker and the flicker) are migratory. They are known for their strong pointed beak and amazing ability to cause destruction to structures.

Flickers: Are similar looking to a woodpecker. Most flickers have a white rump, black breast band, and varied head markings. In Calgary, the northern flicker is the most common species found.


One of the first steps with any bird removal program is to take the time to confirm which pest is bothering you. Many species of birds can look similar, to the casual observer. Woodpeckers and flickers are very close in appearance. Some birds, like magpies and sparrows, are easily identified. At Peregrine, our approach first focuses on deterrence. Some of the tools we use include woodpecker flashers, exclusion products (such as hardware cloth), bird spike, bird wire, and one-way bird doors. On occasion birds have a made a nest in the exterior wall. In these situations, it is common to install a bird one-way door — to allow the bird to exit safely — before the hole is repaired and sealed. The bird removal programs we use for magpies, sparrows, woodpeckers, and flickers focus on passive deterrence, exclusion systems, and, on occasion, live trapping. Ask to speak to your pest control service technician to find out the best solution for your structure!


A bird has made holes in the siding of my house. What can I do about it?

In the summer months, woodpeckers and flickers love to peck away at the stucco siding on buildings. They can create numerous holes in a relatively short period of time. The first step is deterrence. This would include installing woodpecker flashers, sealing holes as soon as appear, and using bitter agents. In extreme situations, a permit to kill the bird can be obtained by the home owner from the federal government.

A bird is pecking and making noises on my chimney. What can I do about it?

Woodpeckers and flickers love to pound away at the aluminium chimney cap on homes. For the birds, this is music to their ears; for the home owner it is a never-ending rock concert. Installation of bird spike on the chimney cap will prevent woodpeckers and flickers from landing in this area.

There are birds in my dryer vent. What could it be?

It is very common for small birds like sparrows to make a nest inside dryer and bathroom vents. The first step is to install a one-way door, allowing the birds to exit safely. After this, the nesting material can be removed and either a vent guard or a dryer vent guard can be installed, preventing further problems.

Professional Bird Exterminator – Calgary – Bird Treatment Service
Peregrine Pest Control – Bed Bug Removal – Calgary & area 
All our bird treatment technicians are licensed applicators in the province of Alberta.
Peregrine Pest Control is Quality Pro Certified and ISN Certified.
*Our Calgary bird removal team has 60+ years of combined experience
Check out the Peregrine Pest Control team here

Overall rating of 350+ Google reviews
4.8 out of 5 STARS

Efficient, professional, respectful

The customer care representative did a thorough search of our home, inside and out, set safe traps in strategic locations, and explained the process clearly to me. They’ll return in 30 days, and then again in another 60 to make sure our house remains pest free. Peregrine were recommended to me, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone dealing with mice in your home.

Rachel S.Calgary
Thanks for the great job!

We installed solar panels on our roof and found that it did not take long for pigeons to be attracted to the roof. We had not had a problem previously so it was related to the solar panels. We had Peregrine look at the panels and make recommendations. We decided to have a barrier installed along the edge of the panels. This was done efficiently and per the quote. The barriers are like the spikes installed under bridges to prevent birds from roosting on beams and supports. The barriers have eliminated the problem with birds. Thanks for the great job!

Randal HarrisCalgary
Quick Service

Booked an appointment within two days for vole control. Traps were placed and the problem was resolved right away. Very friendly service from all involved.

James G.Calgary
We are so happy with the friendly and effective next day service we received

Peregrine was fast, friendly and very effective at completely removing the spider infestation at our house, around our deck and even in our rock gardens. The technician was very friendly and it only took a couple hours before it was safe for the dogs to go back outside. We’ll be using their services again in the future.

Kerri P.Calgary
Fantastic service!

Nick with Peregrine Pest Control is a very professional man who knows his mice! He was quick to contact me when I first put in my cry for help and has been very organized and punctual with maintenance and return visits. I would, and have, recommended Peregrine to friends and family.

good service and value

see above

bryan h.Calgary
Very helpful

Nick was very helpful in helping us get rid of our squirrel problem. I have used other exterminators for this problem and never had any success. The traps worked great and now, touch wood, we are squirrel free for the first time in years!

Liz L.Calgary
Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable

I found Peregrine staff, both office and field very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They make sure their work is completed properly and care to call you back to ensure that your problems are taken care properly.

Luis N.Calgary
A load off my shoulders

Had a nasty case of bed bugs and thankfully found Peregrine Pest Control. The receptionist who answered the phone was polite and helpful and I immediately felt like a load was off my shoulders. They told me everything I needed to do to prepare for the visit.

The guy who came to take care of the problem was professional and efficient. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Aaron BartholomewCalgary
Unwanted mouse (...or mice??)

Once we noticed there was a mouse (mice?) problem, we had the owner out the very next day to set the traps and walk our house with us. He reviewed everything we needed to know in detail. Will be getting our 30 day follow-up later this month to confirm that the problem has been removed. Currently on day 2 of no droppings – here’s keeping our fingers crossed.

Great Company

I was very happy with their service. Darcy was great

Brent H.Calgary
Quick response, friendly and efficient

Darcy walked me through the procedures he would be using to take care of a concealed wasp nest and performed the work quickly and efficiently. Has been close to one month with no problems. Very pleased with the service provided.

Sam K.Calgary
Thank you!

I have had ants in my kitchen for three years. I have had 2 other pest control companies in without success. Nick came in and eliminated my problems in two applications. My entire family loves him! Thank you Nick. He is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and effective. I highly recommend Peregrine.

Jill RodriguesCalgary
Friendly and knowledgeabe

Had a very friendly and knowledgable technician visit to help with our gopher problem. The applications seems to have worked quite well after watching population diminish greatly within a week or so. Also super friendly telephone service while booking, and follow up call was also appreciated. Peregrine (Charles) was out a day after I called…Would definitely recommend.

Ryan McGrathCalgary
Very efficient, professional, and good workmanship.

Peregrine General Pest Control was referred to us by someone who had used their service for a problem with mice. We hired them to deal with pigeons at a condo complex with 18 units, and they did the job well. Also, their price was half of what we got from another company.
Nick responded to us very quickly and had the work done in a timely manner. The roof of the condominium is very steep, so it required quite an effort to even climb up there. Nick told us to call him right away if there were any problems down the road, and he would take care of it.
We have had no sightings of pigeons or droppings since the job was completed. I would highly recommend Peregrine General Pest Control.
Board of Directors
Highwood Green Condo

Sonja R.Calgary
Very thorough

Very thorough removing a large, underground and hidden bumble bee nest. Even took the time to remove the remains of a dead wasp nest that I was way too scared to touch! Would recommend.

Zorana VCalgary
First, it was mice...then wasps...now many bird nests!!

This is the 3rd time we’ve been able to use Peregrin Pest Control and have recommended them to others. Always great service, thorough follow up and communication. A pleasure to deal with, to be sure. You will not regret booking Peregrin!

Marquis De Lorne Community AssociationCalgary

Huge thank you to Marilyn who answered my panicked phone call regarding sqiuirels and bugs. Marilyn was very empathetic and a much needed calming force for me. She was very professional and able to ensure Nick came the next day to help resolve my “issues”.

Jill B.Calgary
Excellent professional service

I called Peregrine becauce of an ant problem. Since the treatment we have not had any issues with ants so D’Arcy obviously did a thorough job. D’Arcy was professional, patient and easy to talk to. I like the fact there is a 90 day guarantee so if we have any more ant issues I can only assume they will be dealt with in a timely fashion.

Donna K.Calgary
Henry is the Best!

We have used other pest control companies, but Henry from Peregrine went above and beyond our expectations. He worked hard to find the point of entry and made certain it was blocked. Henry was professional, thorough and provided excellent advice. In our opinion, Henry and Peregrine are the best pest control
experts in Calgary.

Craig CarpenterMcKenzie Lake
great Company

Peregrine has been a great company to work with for our needs. Jason, our technician, arrives on time, is very friendly, polite, professional and thorough. Always a good thing to find a company that does a great job, and Peregrine is one of those companies!

Kate C.Calgary

They were friendly and helpful (even dealing with a nervous nelly like me). I think there were about 15 e-mails over the 2 days trying to help me calm down about what was going on. They never got snarky or made me feel stupid for asking questions.

Kelly F.Calgary

We were so inundated with spiders last year you had to always clean the deck before you used it. To date I have seen two very tiny spiders and that is all. It was well worth the price.

M Sylvia D.Calgary

So far, service has been exceptional. They have set multiple traps for the pocket gophers that decided to make our yard their next home. Service is prompt, reliable and friendly. They take the time to explain things to you which appears to be rare these days. I highly recommend them.

Christy NelsonCalgary
Wasps were gone within a day of spraying.

The job done was effective in dealing with the underground nest. No sign of wasps after a day had passed. Service arrived on time and was courteous and helpful when questions were asked.

Alain L.Calgary
Excellent Services

Services are superb..! I recommend them.

Quick service and follow through, ridding my acreage of pocket gophers.

Peregrine General Pest Control has been keeping my place as pocket-gopher free as possible.
They are courteous, quick to respond to your needs, and thorough.
I would heartily recommend them.

Frances H.Calgary
Awesome Service!

Will recommend to anyone with pest control problem. They were great to deal with. Jason was awesome and walked us through everything he was doing. Work was done quickly and efficiently and we are so happy the birds are out of our vent!

Ashley P.Calgary


Matthew.Herman5497 Belinda Rd
Very satisfied with the outcome

I had one of the worst wasp tree infestations and a wasp nest under my step. With one visit Peregrine has fixed the problem and no more wasps. Very professional and quick to respond

Colleen R.Calgary
Service with a smile!!

Nick and his team are great!! We have used the “other guys” for years in our restaurant. Had a problem at home so I phoned Nick and had to use his team at our business after that! Nick does a great job with the basics then always goes obove and beyond suggesting and educating us with ways to help keep our restaurant clean and safe from pests!! Thanks Nick!!!

Dennon M.Calgary

Very professional and thorough. Nick took the time to respond to all of our questions and educated us about the issue. Most importantly, Problem is now resolved! Top notch!

Selina K.Calgary
Bed bugs from China!!

Both Darcy and Marilyn at Peregrine were knowledgable and efficient. Thanks for the help.

Happy Customer

Called Peregrine Pest Control regarding a gopher issue, and was so impressed with their service that I then hired them for my ant problem, a problem I had tried, unsuccessfully, to deal with myself over the years. Their work is very thorough and since the spraying (2 months ago) my yard is still ant-free (and gopher-free 🙂 ). I honestly didn’t think that could be possible. I definitely would use their service again – if needed.

Happy CustomerCalgary
Happy with the result... Spiders are gone!

The service experience was positive.

Gregg S.Calgary
Nick was very professional and explained what he was going to do

Prompt and courteous service. Effective results and though inspection of the property

Richard T.Calgary
Huge help

Had voles last year and a pocket gopher that moved in due to expanding suburbia. Called many for quotes but Marilyn was the first and only one to take the time to help me figure out what the problem really was and how to deal with it. Chuck came out and helped me understand how the critters live and how to prevent their return… Huge help as i was stressed about my plants,kids and using traps around kids. in case next year my garden looks better than the mud hill behind me, I will call them again if I have problems but I’m sure that with such thorough work from chuck, we will be fine. Thanks guys!

Lori R.Calgary
Ken was very professional and extremely friendly. Our roach problem is now solved!

I had the pleasure of having Ken at our home to help with our roach problem. Ken was very professional and extremely friendly. He took time to explain what he was doing and why. We had a good chat about other topics as he does his thing. It was really nice to meet Ken – he has such a wonderful personality.
Our roach problem is also now solved. Thanks Ken!

Taiwo FawumiCalgary
2 skunks caught within 12 hours!

Nick did a great job preparing me for what to expect and to be patient with the results…but I didn’t have to be! Within 2 hours both skunks were in the traps and gone!

Rosanna T.Calgary
An excellent job

The technician was very helpful and did a thorough job picking up rocks around my pond under which the ants had constructed a massive nest. I have seen no ants since the time of the spraying.

Heather C.Calgary

It works! We have no spiders.

Sandra L.Calgary
Excellent Service and Results

These guys were great! Took care of our skunk problem quickly and efficiently. All the staff was very friendly.
Recommend them to anyone!

Dinah C.Calgary
Fantastic response time, professional and helpful.

We were on holidays only to come home to a skunk who had been hibernating under our patio. I contacted Nick with Peregrine pest control and within hours (on a statutory holiday) he contacted us back. He gave us the pricing over the phone and made arrangements so we could be home to learn to set the traps. Within 8 hours we caught a HUGE skunk in the trap. He picked it up immediately and dispersed of it. Thank you!!

Lisa D.Calgary
Far and away the best

As a facility manager at a private school I have used most every pest control company in Calgary at least once. Peregrine is far and away the best. They have attentive service and seem to actually care about what is occurring in your situation. Unlike some of the bigger companies who only come if they feel like it and do the bare minimum to keep your contract. You won’t get any of that from them.

Jeremy KeysCalgary
Went the extra mile

Thanks to the team at Peregrine for their great service – we fixed our squirrel problem in a matter of days. Went the extra mile for us and was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and professional.

I’d highly recommend this company to anyone and will definitely use them again if I ever need to.

Amy WallnerCalgary
No spiders since you sprayed. It has only been a few weeks though.

I can’t say the service has worked yet. I was reassured if the spiders do return within 90 days that you will re spray so I do rate that high. The fellow that came out was very polite and answered all my questions.

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