Your first sign of a skunk may be the smell left behind after the neighbourhood dog has had a run in with one! Skunks are actually a major problem in urban areas. They scavenge through garbage bins and root up lawns in search of worms and other grubs. They may even break into basements or garages to steal pet food (particularly cat food).

What to
look for

They are most active in the early evening when they emerge from their burrows in search of food. They like to make dens under front steps, decks or shed and are usually solitary, except in winter when females like to den together, probably for warmth. Although they do not actually hibernate, skunks may go dormant for extended periods and tend to feed less in colder months.

identify a skunk

Most skunks are black and white but they can also be brown or grey. They can have one or two stripes or white spots and broken stripes across their back and tail. Skunks have excellent senses of smell and hearing but their eyesight is extremely poor and they cannot see much beyond 10 feet, which is why they are so often run over by passing vehicles. In any case their life span is short – just three years for most.They produce their offensive scent in two anal glands which they fire off in defence as a last resort when their threatening dance of hissing, foot stamping and tail raising has not had the desired effect.


If you find a skunk in your back yard it is probably wise to keep your distance and to call our expert consultants. They have had vast experience in capturing skunks and are an effective way of keeping you and your property odour free!
2 skunks caught within 12 hours!

Nick did a great job preparing me for what to expect and to be patient with the results…but I didn’t have to be! Within 2 hours both skunks were in the traps and gone!

Rosanna T.Calgary
Excellent Service and Results

These guys were great! Took care of our skunk problem quickly and efficiently. All the staff was very friendly.
Recommend them to anyone!

Dinah C.Calgary
Fantastic response time, professional and helpful.

We were on holidays only to come home to a skunk who had been hibernating under our patio. I contacted Nick with Peregrine pest control and within hours (on a statutory holiday) he contacted us back. He gave us the pricing over the phone and made arrangements so we could be home to learn to set the traps. Within 8 hours we caught a HUGE skunk in the trap. He picked it up immediately and dispersed of it. Thank you!!

Lisa D.Calgary
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