Deer Mice

Deer Mice

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Mice in Calgary can cause a good deal of gnawing damage to food, clothing, walls, boxes, books and electrical wiring. These items can also become contaminated with their droppings and urine, and often have to be thrown away. Deer mice are also known to be carriers of ‘hanta virus’. Mice are carriers of disease. Some diseases like the hantavirus are spread by contact with the urine and droppings, and breathing dust raised during the cleanup of droppings can cause serious illnesses.

identify a deer mouse

It is brown or grey in colour, with white belly and feet. The underside of the tail is white, which is perhaps the easiest way to distinguish between a deer mouse and a house mouse. The deer mouse is a carrier of the ‘hanta virus’.

can do to

Elimination of deer mice can be difficult and may require the services of a professional applicator.Peregrine has a variety of pest management programs which will get you pest free in a professional and timely manner. Our services include the clean up of rodent droppings, urine, & nesting materials associated with rodents.

Unwanted mouse (...or mice??)

Once we noticed there was a mouse (mice?) problem, we had the owner out the very next day to set the traps and walk our house with us. He reviewed everything we needed to know in detail. Will be getting our 30 day follow-up later this month to confirm that the problem has been removed. Currently on day 2 of no droppings – here’s keeping our fingers crossed.

Efficient, professional, respectful

The customer care representative did a thorough search of our home, inside and out, set safe traps in strategic locations, and explained the process clearly to me. They’ll return in 30 days, and then again in another 60 to make sure our house remains pest free. Peregrine were recommended to me, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone dealing with mice in your home.

Rachel S.Calgary
Fantastic service!

Nick with Peregrine Pest Control is a very professional man who knows his mice! He was quick to contact me when I first put in my cry for help and has been very organized and punctual with maintenance and return visits. I would, and have, recommended Peregrine to friends and family.

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